Memristor 2021 will bring together researchers interested in designing new memristors from device and materials perspectives. By combining these two groups we will provoke discussion across the range from fundamental physics to applications and connect researchers from both ends of the spectrum facilitating the formation of new and fruitful collaborations in memristor research.

For the last 15 years, memristors have been a focal point for many different research communities - from mathematicians, solid-state physicists, experimental material scientists, electrical engineers, and more recently computer scientists and computational neuroscientists. The concept of memristor was introduced almost 50 years ago, back in 1971, was nearly forgotten for nearly four decades, and it is now experiencing a full rebirth with the vibrant and very active research community.

There are many different flavours to memristive technologies. They promise high levels of integration, stable non-volatile resistance states, fast resistance switching, excellent energy efficiency - all very desirable for the next generation of memory technology. Memristors also enable computing by directly implementing neuromorphic functions – most importantly, synapse-like plasticity, and neuron-like integration & spiking, paving the way for future Artificial Intelligent systems.

The physics of materials that governs the functionality of memristors is equally impressive. Chemical, structural and electrical characterisation reveals a rich picture of remarkably dynamical materials under application of electrical stimuli.  Understanding how chemical bonding and microstructure of thin layers defines the functionality and properties of devices is of most importance.

IOP Dielectrics and Electrostatics group is proud to organise the Memristor 2021 international conference. Please join us on 8 December 2021, at IOP King’s Cross.

Key dates

Abstract submission deadline:

3 November 2021

Registration deadline:

1 December 2021 12:00pm GMT